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What makes a character deserves its own series?

The reaction to Delia Frost, the main character in The Widow Catcher has been better than I ever anticipated. When I created Delia Frost, I was pretty confident readers would like her. But I also questioned whether readers would accept an early 50-year-old bank teller as the main character. 

I also wondered if anyone would enjoy a character who worked in a bank. I've read plenty of mysteries and thrillers, and the main character is usually more flamboyant, more forceful and full of action, or a cop or private investigator or a lawyer.  Plus, many crime and thriller writers have backgrounds in criminology or forensics. I am a humble administration person. Sure, I've held job in the entertainment industry which were a lot of fun, but they were all administrative roles.

It seemed as if I would never get to write my mystery, because my background is excel spreadsheets and word documents, booking travel and printing out meeting papers. I've held jobs in payroll and human resources. I've been a personal assistant and a bank teller. Who would care about a character who was a bureaucrat?

Well, it seems that a lot of reviewers do indeed like Delia Frost, because she is relatable. She is just like them. She is a regular person, a mother, a sister, a woman who doesn't want to retire yet. She has regular issues. She just has a serial killer on her tail, that's the only difference.

I was blown away that over 260 people downloaded The Widow Catcher for review at one particular review site. That's more than I've had for all my other books combined. My next task is to chase up these reviews because they really do help with sales. The more reviews, the easier it is to advertise.

This review caught my attention and confirmed for me that Delia Frost deserves her own series.

"I read that this author's books are standalone, but I'd love to read more about Richard and Delia so I hope the author considers a sequel."

Want to read the Reviews so far...

"The Widow Catcher is a fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery. Blake excels at crafting well-timed reveals that keep readers engaged and intrigued. This murder mystery feels authentic and original. It's set apart from its contemporaries by the unusual crimes and unlikely but determined heroine." The Booklife Prize "I really enjoyed this book! I thought I knew where it was going, but was totally wrong. I think it was very fast paced in some parts, but also a little slow in others. Other than that it was an amazing book." Netgalley "I will definitely be buying this for our staff fiction section." Librarian "Thought I knew who the killer was but got it completely wrong. Just couldn't wait to find out who it was." Goodreads "Delia is a down to earth character... A good read." Netgalley and Goodreads "This was an enjoyable read with some very interesting characters." Netgalley and Goodreads "Finally, a mystery about a woman in her fifties without a sordid past, a drinking problem, or psychological baggage." Netgalley "This book was a joy to read." Netgalley "The plot was well-paced, and the characters were skillfully done. The ending was worth the wait."Netgalley "It's an easy to read, enjoyable suspenseful mystery with some great characters." Netgalley "The author has done a great job in keeping the readers interest and also keeping us guessing. I did not expect how this book would end." Netgalley "A wonderfully written mystery, with an intriguing storyline." Netgalley "For someone like me who is about her age her character is quite relatable." Netgalley "A fun enjoyable read with a very likable lead characters and a very chatty Gray Bird." Netgalley "I really enjoyed this book. It was an easy, fast read with likeable characters and a hint of suspense and mystery." Netgalley "A real turning page book!! There is no better description! The characters are amazing and full of history." Netgalley

So that's my week planned: I'll be chasing up reviewers and writing the overview for the next book featuring Delia Frost, because I agree, she is a great character who deserves her own series. I'm thankful that other readers think so.

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