• D L Richardson

Sometimes failure IS an option

We have been led to believe that failure is not an option, each time we watch an action or science fiction TV show/movie. Our heroes never fail. They overcome all odds. They keep going.

I admit that failing is not my first choice whenever I attempt anything. But I have come to realize that if I want to write thrillers, I'm going to have to accept that failure might be par for the course.

The good guys don't always win in thrillers. In fact the bad guys never lose. They seek to destroy and create chaos, and thus they win no matter what. Our good guys are left to pick up the pieces and get on with their shattered lives. And through failing, they become better investigators, better cops, better people.

On a personal level, I have come to accept that failure has led to me having some fun with writing. Eighteen months ago when I decided that I needed to do something different, two projects presented themselves to me.

Project One: has unfortunately turned out to be a mistake. I was halfway through this project when I realized that I wasn't doing differently at all. I would be taking the same road, just taking it in a car instead of a bus so to speak. I would not have the foresight to see this project as a mistake had I not come to recognize failure so I can prevent myself from doing the same thing again!

Project Two: is turning into a huge success. It is something completely different (it's a blend of fiction and non-fiction) to what I've been doing. Not only is it an exciting project, I'm having so much FUN!

Project Three: came about as a result of quitting on Project One. I still like writing fiction. This is a different genre to what I've spent writing over the past 10 years. I have a good feeling about my thriller novel. And if i put my life's lessons into the characters, it's sure to be a winner.

Till my next blog post, stay safe!

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