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In the beginning...

Welcome to my first blog post. This one is a history of my books, their titles, and their covers. Firstly, let me apologize if these changes have caused you any inconvenience. It's not my intention, I want to get the best product into as many readers' hands as possible.

After no sales and a bit of testing of covers, I have changed the name for "Danger in the Dirt" and "Evil in the Embers" both originally published as D L Richardson. You probably wouldn't even realize, but it started life as part of a series that just wasn't selling. I made the decision this month to mimic the books they were inspired by: Dean Koontz. He inspired in me my love of reading and writing.

Poison in the Pond began life as a novel in 1996. I moved my writing into another direction so this manuscript stayed in a drawer (literally - it was written on a typewriter). When it came time to edit, two-thirds of the words were cut out.

How long is a novel, people often ask? It is the length it needs to be, and this book started my passion for writing novellas, further inspired by Dean Koontz and Stephen King (long) short stories. This also began the start of a series - The Shivers Novellas. I wrote two more novellas, years later, and titled them "Evil in the Embers" and "Danger in the Dirt".

As happens, things don't always go to plan. These were standalone titles but they just weren't selling or attracting any interest.

A few weeks ago, I renamed and re-branded the two other titles, scouring through the collection of modern covers for Dean Koontz. His books have had many faces, and he is sitting at number 1 for supernatural thrillers. I've done what any good author would do, and mimic the best sellers.

Interesting to note that both Dean Koontz and Stephen King wrote books under pen names. Dean Koontz was Leigh Nichols, and Stephen King was Richard Bachman.

"Evil in the Embers" went from this (original cover art Aug 2017):

To this (May 2020):

This new title suits the theme much better: Ghosts start coming to life in the photos and want their secrets heard.

"Danger in the Dirt" went from this (original cover art Feb 2018):

To this (May 2020):

The title and cover suits the theme much better: A man is unknowingly plagued by a curse that has been in his family for generations.

Special note: For about a week I trialed another title but since Amazon wouldn't let me advertise it (it contained the word 'demon' in the title) I had to change the title. And after scouring my bookshelf, and much brain strain, I came up with this new title.

So that is a history of the origin of these first three books. I plan to release a suspense thriller later this year. Stay tuned for more details.

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