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"The Widow Catcher is a fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery. Blake excels at crafting well-timed reveals that keep readers engaged and intrigued. This murder mystery feels authentic and original. It’s set apart from its contemporaries by the unusual crimes and unlikely but determined heroine." The Booklife Prize
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"Blake’s novel is at once a tightly plotted mystery and a tale unafraid to wander into the realm of family tales and character studies. Though it builds on genres some readers would initially think are opposed, this novel is expertly balanced and will intrigue readers of multiple tropes." The Booklife Prize

"The Widow Catcher"
: Something sinister is going on in this small seaside town. And bank teller, Delia Frost, is involved whether she wants to be or not. AVAILABLE NOW TO PURCHASE. 

"The Thief Catcher": Trouble follows Delia Frost to a seaside holiday resort. The staff and guests are disappearing. And Delia's family might be next. AVAILABLE NOW TO PURCHASE

In the meantime, if you like a bit of scare in your thriller, you might like to check out my anthology collection of supernatural thriller novellas "Three Cold Hours". Available in ebook and paperback.


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